Concord Fans Y-308A-S-WH Lightkit Fan Light Kit, White
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Concord Fans Y-308A-S-WH Lightkit Fan Light Kit, White


Complete your home’s interior by upgrading your ceiling fan with the Luminance Fan Light Kit! Manufactured by Luminance, dedicated to offering quality commercial and residential lighting products supported with world-class service. Founded in 1951 as American De Rosa Lamp arts, Luminance Brands has grown to be a full spectrum lighting provider. The Luminance Fan Light Kit is exquisitely made with a white finish. It can withstand exposure on both dry and wet conditions. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, you can add it to any area of your house such as in the living room or patio. It’s designed to be compatible with Nautica Fans. Wattage per bulb is 60W. Maximize the functionality of your ceiling fan with the Luminance Fan Light Kit!


FAN ACCESSORY – Uniquely made to be compatible with ceiling fan, this accessory provides ambient lighting and ample Illumination. Its diffuser protects the bulbs from dust and damage, extending their life.
BRILLIANT ILLUMINATION – Offers added functionality as a primary lighting fixture. This fan light kit is equipped with bulbs (light bulb suggested: B10 Torpedo) that produce bright yet soft light to create a relaxed ambiance.
HOME INTERIOR DECOR – Giving you the perfect addition to your home, the Bullet Fan Light Kit completes your interior and enhances the look of your home through exceptional design that encompasses both boundaries of classic and modern styling.
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – Manufactured using high-quality materials that offer exceptional durability, this light provides lasting functionality and performance. It’s easy to install and creates an elegant ambiance ideal for any room.