Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Stylish Metal with 3 Large Hinges, 6 Brightness Levels, for Office or Bedside Table
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Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Stylish Metal with 3 Large Hinges, 6 Brightness Levels, for Office or Bedside Table


Color:White This desk lamp has many features, including a 3-hinged frame that makes it multifunctional and a must-have. Because it is dimmable, this lamp makes a great nightstand light for you or a bedside table lamp for your kids. As you are winding down for the day, you can simply set the dimmer switch to its lowest setting and you’ll be ready for bed in minutes. It is also perfect for late night study sessions, working late, and reading. Collectors and artists may find this lamp incredibly useful as well. The circular LED light will illuminate your coin or stamp collection as you examine each piece or will provide the light you need in your art studio as you work on the ornate details of your latest project. This dimmable light provides a powerful bright light without being too harsh or blinding. It’s better than an incandescent lamp! The dim knob on this lamp allows you to easily set the brightness at different levels. The adjustable metal neck of this lamp is covered by a supple and smooth white covering, giving it a more professional edge. This round light desk lamp also works great as a dorm desk lamp and is sure to look good wherever you decide to place it. What’s more, it will do the job superbly. This lamp is built to last with its sturdy stand heavy-duty construction. All of these features make this a lamp like no other! Constantly straining your eyes is a sure fire way to diminish your eyesight and increase the number of trips you might take to the optometrist. At Flashlights, we work hard to create high-quality products so this doesn’t happen to you. Don’t make your eyes work any harder than they already have to. Brighten up your life with Flashlights desk lamps and other lighting accessories.


DESK LAMP WITH METAL HINGES: This standing lamp light features metal hinges that can be bent into whatever position you need. This makes the lamp suitable for any room. Bend the upper neck of the lamp to direct the light toward your reading chair or toward your dinner table. The hinges make it easy to adjust the position of the lamp, but once bent, it is strong enough to maintain its position.
PERFECT FOR THE OFFICE: If you are looking for the perfect desk lamp for your office, this could be the right choice for you. Its polished look makes it both professional and modern to complement the rest of the decor in your office. We know how trying it can be on your eyes to look at a computer screen all day. This desk lamp will make your life easier by giving your eyes a break.
SLEEK LOOK COMPLEMENTS ANY DECOR: These lamps are given a modern and minimalist edge, which allows them to be easily paired with any decor. This is especially true for offices, as they generally follow a more sleek and upscale theme. Whether you enjoy reading at the table or in a nice comfy chair, this powerful, adjustable angle lamp will light the way for you.
CIRCULAR SWIVEL LIGHT: The adjustable construction of this innovative desk lamp makes it easy to modify for your needs. The industrial hinges allow you to move this cute desk lamp in a variety of directions. The large circular light itself swivels side to side, giving you a wide range of visibility. This fun desk lamp will shed some light on any job.