Situ Lighting: Wireless and Rechargeable LED Art Light – Touch Series (Brass)
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Situ Lighting: Wireless and Rechargeable LED Art Light – Touch Series (Brass)


Color:BrassWhat if there were no wires to run, no cords to hide, and no electricians to call? Our Rechargeable Touch Series brings convenient rechargeable picture and artwork lighting to your home.   With 3 brightness settings, auto shutoff, and charge notification, user-friendly is the name of the game. The light quickly attaches to it’s mount via a magnetic coupler.  When it’s time to recharge, just grab the light and plug it in.  When finished, it simply clicks back to its mount.   You’re going to wonder why you haven’t seen this yet. We meticulously handcraft these lights using brass or aluminum and even hand apply the finishes. This is American craftsmanship. Spectacular art lighting that’s rechargeable, convenient, and energy efficient.  This is a whole new thing. We’ve seen some poor attempts at battery powered art lighting, none of which are rechargeable, and the worst of it requiring you to remove your artwork from the wall to change batteries. Finally, a convenient approach: with one hand and no tools you can remove the light from the mount, charge it, and replace it with just as much ease. With a soft touch button, you have access to three levels of color accurate lighting to brilliantly illuminate your works of art. So smart, it turns itself off. Recommended for subjects up to 40” (W) x 30” (H). * Note, the Rechargeable Touch Series is not remote controlled. The reason we do not offer a remote control on our battery powered lights is an electrical design issue called parasitic drain. In order to have a remote control you must also have a circuit built into the light that is constantly operating to look for the input from the remote control to turn on/off, etc. This means the light (even when off) is constantly consuming the batteries. Net effect being that even without any use the light will drain the batteries. Other companies produce battery powered art lights with remote controls but don’t disclose this issue.


Convenient Design Uses Magnets to Attach Light to Mount | Quickly and Conveniently Remove Light (one hand) to Recharge | Gone is the Need To Remove Artwork to Change and Throw Away Dead Batteries | Charger Included | Push Button on Side of Light to Turn On and Change Brightness Settings
Recommended for Artwork Up To 40” (W) x 30” (H) | Can be Mounted to Artwork or Wall | Easy Installation and All Hardware Included | Manufactured of High Quality Materials
Three Levels of 95 CRI+ Color-accurate Lighting | 5 Hour Automatic Shutoff | Available in 3000K or 2700K Color Temperatures | Designed And Made By An American Company Specializing In Lighting Artwork Correctly | Quality Of Light Is Paramount
Can be Mounted to Bottom of Artwork if Unable to Reach the Top | See Product Description Below for More Details | Discreet Design | Does Not Use Remote Control | UV Safe | 100+ Other Models Available | 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee | 2 Year Warranty | Available In Brushed Brass, Antique Bronze, Black, Or Silver | Made By Us In Naples, FL USA